Lexxe Pays Tribute to Her Late Father With New Disco Meets Dark Pop Single “X”

Oh, how life will throw you curveballs just to see how you’ll react and pivot. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “x” the latest drop from Lexxe. Originally from Long Island but now residing in Queens, Lexxe started her creative career off in a rather different niche than where she is now…as a classically trained ballet dancer. She even performed at the esteemed Seiskaya Ballet Academy and earned her BFA at the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance. When she not busy stoking the flames of her blossoming artist career, Lexxe performs with the neo-burlesque troupe COMPANY XIV, where she can let all of her creative loves and talents shine. “X” is actually an ode to one of the most influential members of her life, her father Xavier. Unfortunately, her late father passed away twenty years ago, so the unconventional Sunday release date is in honor of him on his birthday.

“A few years ago I was performing and could absolutely swear I saw my father sitting front row. I love to write about the supernatural and the things we don’t understand, so while I acknowledge that seeing him could’ve been something my mind made up, it doesn’t make it any less poignant,” Lexxe writes. “The song is composed of different lines about me questioning life and death, talking about real life events (the show where I thought I saw him, his friends seeing me in random bars and crying because I look like him, the last time I saw him) and it’s really a question of do we ever really die?” – Lexxe

The re0emergence of disco has to be one of our favorite trends of the last few years, as many artists like Lexxe are uncovering its versatility as a genre. With “X” being the latest addition to the Lexxe catalog, we are able to see just how she is able to manipulate the tried and true genre in order to fit her more modern dark-pop sound. Lexxe allows the retro disco beats swirl into a fresh amalgamation has she takes center stage, balancing out the track with her raw and emotional vocal performance that truly gives the audience a taste of how she feels remembering her father. Lexxe’s lyricism paints a rather imaginative picture for the listener, allowing us to fill in the blanks but leaving Lexxe in the driver’s seat as our guide. With an ode like this, even cold-hearted people like us can feel just how important Lexxe’s father was on her upbringing and development.

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