New York Singer/Songwriter Jenny Newman Releases New Single and Music Video “Danish Boy”

Regardless of where you find yourself, music can easily insert itself into your life and it might just stick around for a while, On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “Danish Boy”, the latest single from Jenny Newman. Born in Connecticut, Newman was diagnosed with Brittle Bone Disease in pre-school, thus making her an outsider early on in her life. Not able to participate in physical activities with the rest of her coverts, music and dancing wormed their way into her life and become a major player in his upbringing. Becoming more than an inspiration and developing into a coping mechanism due to troubles in her home life, Newman escaped into the musical world and uncovered her love in the world of Gospel. Once she migrated to Southern California for college, she met producer Adam Castilla and seized that spark of music chemistry.

“I’ve spent countless hours trying to comprehend the events of my life, desperately searching for answers that weren’t there. Things just happen to us, life doesn’t make much sense. But there can be so much beauty in that. It wasn’t until I started to share my songs with others that I realized my purpose was to storytell through music and make a difference in people’s lives.” – Jenny Newman

While Newman may still be incredibly early on in her career, it is already clear that not only has she found the right niche for her music to thrive but she’s already developing a winning support team. With “Danish Boy” being the fourth single in Newman’s catalog, listeners are snagging the taste of Newman’s peculiar way of storytelling. Determined to pick apart the more odd events of her life and put them into song, Newman’s knack for detail shines throughout the innocent yet telling lyrics. Utilizing a funky bassline, warm synths, and a playful drum beat, Newman and Castilla created a fun and light indie pop playground for Newman to tell her stories. “Danish Boy” aims to capture the positive feelings Newman felt during that relationship and emit those feelings through song, letting listeners snag just a dose of their shared happiness.

Make sure you check out the music video for “Danish Boy” on YouTube below!

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