R’n’B Singer Myles Castello Drops Moody Single “Blue”, Embrace the Flow

Why don’t we pay attention to the indie RnB industry, where many of the most talented lyricists are being grown? This week we are taking another trip out of our home in the USA for “Blue” the latest track from RnB singer Myles Castello. Finding his musical roots in Toronto, Castello grew up in a home where music was ever prevalent.  His mother performed in choir and her wide variety of music tastes opened his eyes to the wide spectrum at an early age. As Castello grew into the musician he is today, he learned how to succeed as a multiinstrumentalist, picking up the guitar, piano, and producing beats on his computer by high school. Finally setting himself within his niche, Castello quickly became accustomed to the stage as a natural performer. After gaining recognization from the success of his first few singles, Castello signed with Warner Music in order to keep growing as an artist.

“People can influence you more than you think. You become the company you keep, the people you’re with.” – Myles Castello

When you have a clear vision, nay even a roadmap, to where you want to reach with your music, you take your project to the next level. Deeply sensitive yet subtle, “Blue” lets Castello show off his seductive vocal prowess and his affinity for modern club dance beats. The track may be moody and introspective, yet is entirely danceable and could easily slot into a club’s rotation…if there were any clubs left at the moment. Castello is definitely in his own element, highlighting the flow of the track more than anything else. While Castello is still relatively new to the current scene, this natural showman will be on the top of playlists all across the Internet in the near future.

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