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Spiritual Singer/Songwriter little luna Teases Upcoming EP with Dreamy Single “under the wave”

There are people who find their spiritual journey on their path, while there are some who find comfort within music on their journey. Our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “under the wave”, the newest single from little luna. Based out of Los Angeles, singer/songwriter and wellness advocate little luna is on a journey of self-discovery, using music to inspire herself and others along the way. With an extensive 7 year background in teaching yoga and meditation, personal and spiritual wellness have consistently been a core facet of luna’s thematic approach to music. Hell, even between writing her songs and directing her own music videos, she releases a 20+ minute yoga flow to go along with each release. Her previous single “last time” has picked up traction after being featured on Alt 98.7, being featured on Spotify’s “New Noise” and “Fierce Femmes” playlists. “under the wave” is just the tip of the iceberg, as it is the first taste of luna’s upcoming EP, which will feature a 25-minute meditation session to close out the album!

“sometimes my mind is present and floating, sometimes my thoughts are tossing me around. When looking at release dates, i couldn’t pass up 2/22/22, as it’s a portal date with meanings that are not only in alignment with the lyrics of this song, but with the expression of the music video i directed.” – little luna

While many indie artists try to incorporate spirituality into to their musical aesthetic, but it takes just the right amount to strike it perfectly without teetering too far in either direction. Incorporating elements from both dream pop and folk, “under the wave” is a fun and lightly bouncy song about self-reflection and personal discovery. little luna uses “under the wave” to allow listeners to peek behind the curtain at her own personal state of mind as she finds her focal point during a meditation session. “under the wave”, as well as little luna’s general aesthetic, feels as if she is bringing the love an spirituality of the 1970s to the modern-day and carving out a home for her niche. The track has a nice and refreshing airiness to it, the almost gives us the feeling of casually laying on a cloud as we watch the world go by. Make sure you keep an eye on little luna and check out her full through the self EP when it drops in full on 4/29!

Check out the music video for “under the wave” on YouTube below or listen on Spotify!

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