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Emotive Producer juuku Releases Chaotic Bass Music Single “tomorrow”, A True Emotional Flux!

While we can normally pinpoint a key feature or style choice that intrigues us about an artist, sometimes they just have an allure that we can’t figure out 100%. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “tomorrow”, the latest drop from juuku. Artists like juuku are in a unique position and are quickly making waves and catching the attention of tastemakers in the electronic music industry. juuku has been quietly cultivating a community with their recent singles, each catching the eye of more and more music fans on a global scale. If there is anything good that has come out of the last two years, it is that artists like juuku enhanced their sound design game and are now able to create beautiful audible experiences for listeners who are willing to take the plunge.

tomorrow is my battle for the present. i spend so much time worrying about what can happen in the future that i forget to appreciate what is here in front of me. this has been such a battle for me these days, and i wanted to put this out as a sonic and visual experience for anyone who has went through the same” – juuku

Once you pull back the curtain on an artist like juuku, you start to understand just a bit more about how they operate and where they pull from as artists. The more we dive into juuku’s discography and explore what exactly he has to offer, we are starting to admire his methodology and control over emotion. The latest single to come from the juuku camp, “tomorrow”, is essentially juuku’s plead for those listening to be present and understand that while it is smart to worry about the future…you need to be here just as much in the present. The chaotic nature of the track fluxes as the emotions battle each other out, fighting for which can take center stage for the longest. We’re clearly swooning for juuku’s music and we can’t wait to see just how much he slays the rest of 2022.

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