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Lil Fish Makes Waves Over at Gravitas With New Urban Meets Bollywood EP “Wild”

Alright, we’ve spent enough time on the aggressive side of bass music to know that we need to go back to our surreal soundscapes. On our latest visit over to Gravitas we are checking out Wild, a brand new EP from Lil Fish. Inspired by the likes of Amon Tobin, Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus, and Bonobo, Lil Fish has found his niche within the bass music world where he can hone his skills and become bass maestro. Combining elements of traditional Indian instrumentals with urban beats, Lil Fish has uncovered a hybrid fusion sound that slots perfectly into his style. This unique blend has caught the eyes of more seasoned producers in the bass scene, including the likes of CloZee and curation by David Starfire. One of Lil Fish’s previous releases, “Mantra”, is even trending online on YouTube and Instagram Reels’ travel sector!

When we prepare ourselves to dive deep into a new bass music project like this one, we are starting to have a clear idea of what to expect from the producer at the helm. However, While we were ready to sit back and lose ourselves within this Wild world, Lil Fish had other plans in the works. While the opening single “A Misty Morning” provides a pretty clear picture of what we are to expect from the EP, we now know it was just to set the stage. The energy built up in the opening does flow throughout the rest of the album, but each song thereafter showcasing a different facet of Lil Fish and what he has to offer. Our favorite single perhaps has to be “Arawana”, as the transition from the looming and grand soundscape of “A Misty Morning” to the urban hip-hop meets Bollywood sound of “Arawana” is just too awesome to ignore. If your are a lover of fusion styles just like we are at Modern Neon, Lil Fish needs to find a home in your playlists ASAP.

Make sure you check out the Wild EP on Spotify below!

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