Gritty Electro-Pop Singer Izza Prepares For The Summer With Bouncy Self-Love Gem “Love Bracelets”

She might still be a bit fresh on the scene, but Izza is bringing gritty electro-pop back to the indie world. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Love Bracelets”. the latest single from Izza. Uncovering her passion for writing as an escape back when she was only 13 years old, it was evidently clear that Izza had to walk the path of a musician. Bursting out onto the indie scene back in 2020, Izza has already become a unique act to follow in the modern indie landscape, With her momentum kicking off with her debut single “405”, Izza has already amassed over 200k streams online in just the last two years. She’s even caught the attention of many music blogs (like ours) and even performed at 320 Festival, an online mental health music festival, alongside acts like Chris Martin (Coldplay), Kiiara, Elohim, and Echosmith!

 “I used to value my worth based on how people viewed me and what relationships I was in or wasn’t in. I wrote ‘Love Bracelets’ when I started focusing on myself and discovered that true happiness doesn’t come from loving someone else, but by loving yourself. – Izza

There are only a handful of artists that have come into our inbox as much as Izza, so it is finally time we put her music into the spotlight. The latest addition to Izza’s catalog, “Love Bracelets” is a club-ready electro-pop banger that is unapologetically ready to infect club playlists all around the country. While Izza explores familiar concepts in the indie space, she throws out the soft and minimalist guitars and expands upon her feelings of self-love in the club. “Love Bracelets” serves as a sandbox for Izza, another rung on the ladder that she climbs to recognition, while still using her music as an outlet where she can just be herself and let loose. Regardless, “Love Bracelets” is definitely a electro-pop bop and worthy of thriving in your rotation this summer, especially as we keep an eye on Izza for future drops!

Make sure you check out the music video for “Love Bracelets” on YouTube below or on Spotify and Apple Music!

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