Giorgio Gee and Mojjo Join Forces On CONTROVERSIA With Deep Progressive Gem “Hold On”

Even though CONTROVERSIA has a clear goal in mind when it comes to representation and methodology, they are always ready to welcome in new artists with open arms. On our latest visit over to CONTROVERSIA we are checking out “Hold On”, the newest drop from Giorgio Gee & Mojjo. Hailing from Germany, Giorgio Gee is joining a rather interesting family of CONTROVERSIA artists including Yves VAlan WalkerBhaskarAlle FarbenVintage Culture and Mojjo. With a cumulative number of streams passing the one billion milestone, just looking at the data proves how much you can grow as an artist at CONTROVERSIA. Giorgio Gee also released on labels including RCA/SonyKontorWarner, and more. With each label that Giorgio Gee releases on, he continues to grow and evolve his musical style.

We wanted to produce a track that fuses deep and progressive elements of house music. While the breakdown delivers a bit more chilled but still intense vibe, we were still aiming at having some twists and turns, so that’s why the drop unexpectedly unleashes a bold brass melody and a driving bassline. The story we want to share with the listeners is that no matter how hard times are or how difficult a situation is in your life, you should believe in yourself and just hold on.” – Giorgio Gee & Mojjo

While we have covered artists from all over the world at this point, we normally have a certain expectation going in of how a new artist is going to sound. However, even when we start off with this bias, we are consistently surprised with almost every artist that steps into our rotation. While “Hold On”  explores the familiar territory of struggling and having a rough period in your current relationship, Giorgio Gee immediately sets and shifts the tone right out of the gate. Allowing the soulful male vocals to take the lead, Giorgio Gee is able to focus on building out the rest of the track’s production and mold it into the deep melodic house single that it deserves to be. The instrumental toplines is what truly makes “Hold On” stand out from the rest of the flock, giving a grander cinematic sound to the track’s core.

Make sure you check out “Hold On” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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