Anime Club: .Hack//Quantum

Hello everybody! Today we have the interesting cyberpunk anime .Hack//Quantum.


DIRECTOR: Masaki Tachibana

EPISODES: 3 episodes

GENRE: Adventure, Fantasy, Science fiction Action

YEAR: 2011


The story follows three players – Sakuya, Tobias, and Mary – as they play the latest version of the world’s largest MMORPG: “The World R:X”, created by Cyberconnect Corporation. When these three friends take on a quest as a party, they become caught in strange circumstances of fate. Asumi, Eri, and Iori lead double lives – in the real world they are second year high school students prepping for exams, but in the online game “The World,” they are Sakuya, Mary, and Tobias, adventurers out for glory and treasure. They have few problems keeping their two lives separate until an unforeseen disaster befalls The World and sweeps one of them along with it. Can the remaining two figure out what’s going on before it’s too late?

This project is also not related to a planned CGI movie tie-in to the newest game in the .hack series, .hack//Link. Masaki Tachibana of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 directed the OVA project and .hack// writer Tatsuya Hamazaki scripted. Kinema Citrus animated the series and Kow Otani composed the music score.

One major point in this show’s favor, however, is its length. At only an hour and seventeen minutes, .hack//Quantum doesn’t drag. Each episode is forced to be relatively tight and concise, with plot points coming at regular intervals and the action fast-paced. Were this the first entry into the franchise, that would be a drawback, but as the latest of many, the short run time allows fans to indulge in the story’s world without dragging through unnecessary rehashed details. If nothing else,.hack//Quantum is fun, and if its attempts to tug on your heartstrings are, at this point, a bit lame, it is still easy to watch and fairly enjoyable. Also at least at this point the animation is beautiful.

If this sounds like most of the other entries into the .hack conglomerate, that’s because it is. The idea of people’s consciousnesses getting trapped in an online role playing game has long ceased to astound, and while it can still serve as a warning for an increasingly online world, it is very easy to see how the story is going to play out. While there are some interesting twists this time around it still has that not-so-fresh feeling of a recycled story that we have seen, played, and read many times before.


  • Length.
  • Pacing.
  • Beautiful animation.
  • Fun waste of time.


  • Follows too close to themes of other entries in the series.
  • Uninteresting characters.
  • Uninteresting premise.
  • Predictable.

SCORE: 6.0/10


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