Singapore-Based Producer MYRNE Drops “Forbidden Lovers”, New Single About Separated Loves

We don’t travel to Asia often, but when we do…we are always surprised. This week we are heading on over to Ultra Recordfor “Forbidden Lovers”, the brand new single from producer MYRNE. Debuting on the electronic scene in …

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Skytech Dabble Within Tech House For “Bubbly”, a Darker Booty Shaker for 2020

Even though it seems like this label has been a bit on the quieter side these last few months, they are easily now in full force. While we are hanging out at CYB3RPVNK we were also able to check out …

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Anime Club: Death Note

Hello everybody! For this week’s anime club we have a highly-requested series Death Note.


DIRECTOR: Tetsurō Araki


GENRE: Detective fiction, Psychological thriller, Supernatural

YEAR: 2006 – 2007


Yagami Light is a 17-year-old genius from …

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Anime Club: .Hack//Quantum

Hello everybody! Today we have the interesting cyberpunk anime .Hack//Quantum.


DIRECTOR: Masaki Tachibana

EPISODES: 3 episodes

GENRE: Adventure, Fantasy, Science fiction Action

YEAR: 2011


The story follows three players – Sakuya, Tobias, and Mary – as …

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