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Multi-Platinum Chart-Topping Trio Cash Cash Addresses Mental Health on Inspiring New Dance/Pop Crossover “Bleach (move on)” with JP for the First Time on Vocal Duties

Once you’ve dusted off the remnants of blues from your hiatus, transform what’s left into motivation to blaze forward. On our latest trip over to Sony Music we are checking out “Bleach (Move On)” the latest release from Cash Cash. If you are relatively new to the EDM scene and haven’t had the time to dive into the classics, then maybe Cash Cash is new to you. However, for those who have been around before the platinum trio’s hiatus, we are pleased to announce that they are back in business and ready to take on 2023. With an extensive career of producing music for more than a decade, Cash Cash has been making music that as earwormed its way into the lives of many aspiring electronic music fans. Recent successes include the song “Finest Hour” (feat. Abir) has been RIAA-certified Gold, and their 2019 collaboration with P!NK called “Can We Pretend” hit the Top 10 on AC radio!

We once heard someone says: ‘Your problems are like holding a glass of water; it’s easy if you only hold on to it for a little as your arm is barely affected. If you hold on to it all day and night, your arm will eventually become very sore, throbbing, and numb, barely able to hold the glass.’ The creation of ‘Bleach (move on)‘ was realizing that and finally learning to put the fucking glass down and to literally move on. Calling the last few years a challenge would be an understatement. Many of us found ourselves either running away or chasing something, or just lost in the shuffle. If you’re not one of those people, then God Bless as you’re one of the few lucky ones. For the rest of us emo kids, sanity is something we’re constantly chasing, and mental health is something we’re always running from. It takes addressing it face to face to improve it, and only after that does sanity become attainable. Writing ‘Bleach (move on)‘ was our way of addressing it; continuing to hear it is our reminder and therapy, and hopefully, playing it for all of you will be yours.” – Cash Cash

The second release following their nearly two-year-long hiatus, “Bleach (Move On)” is a  deeply personal yet hopeful track that showcases the group’s ability to blend emo-alt and electronic dance music into a unique and captivating sound. With its heartfelt lyrics about mental health struggles and infectious upbeat melodies, “Bleach (move on)” is set to become a radio hit and a summer festival favorite. Cash Cash’s “Bleach (move on)” combines the raw emotions of emo-alt with the energetic beats of electronic dance music, resulting in a truly distinctive musical experience. The song’s opening exudes a nostalgic alt-pop vibe reminiscent of the early 2000s, drawing listeners in with its angsty and soulful vocals. However, the trio swiftly introduces their signature electronic sound, infusing the track with an upbeat progressive style during its chorus and interludes. This single marks an important milestone for Cash Cash as it is their second release on Ultra Records/Sony Music, following their signing to the label in 2022. This collaboration has allowed the group to further refine their sound and reach a broader audience.

Make sure you check out “Bleach (Move On)” on Spotify below!

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