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Multi-Instrumentalist Kaelin Ellis Releases Neo-Funk Revival Album “THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL”

With independent artists kicking down the doors to be professional musicians left and right, the pathway to revival for many genres has been reopened. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL, the latest album drop from Kaelin Ellis. An insanely talented multi-instrumentalist in his own right, Kaelin can easily be considered one to watch in the burgeoning funk revival movement. With a focus on hip-hop, funk, and jazz, Kaelin masterfully blends elements from his major influences together with electronic music to form a beautiful amalgamation of aesthetics that seamlessly blend together. We can’t wait to see what else comes out of Kaelin’s mind, as we feel simply transported back in time with this latest project.

When you’re the project of a multi-instrumentalist like Kaelin, sometimes it is difficult to nail the exact tone/voice you are trying to aim for. Frankly, that is definitely not the case here, as THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL feels like one cohesive set instead of an album. Consisting of 14 tracks, the album highlights many talented artists featured throughout the project including Carrtoons, The Kount, and CS Armstrong to name a few. Despite the number of artists involved in the project, on multiple occasions we had to double-check that we switched to the next song in the tracklist, because we willingly lose ourselves in the funk. Kaelin easily glades in between hip-hop, electronic, funk, and lo-fi throughout THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL, creating an audible experience that feels nostalgic and dated but also refreshing a new. We can easily see this nu-funk revival picking up speed and we hope Kaelin Ellis is among the frontrunners.

Make sure you check out THE FUNK WILL PREVAIL on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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