MR. BLACK Premieres Multiple Unreleased Tracks During Telsa-Powered “Lift Your Energy” Live Set

When you reach a certain level as a producer and tastemaker, you understand that any normal limits that lie in your path are removed and you have full creative control. On our latest peek at the EDM world we are checking out “Lift Your Energy” a brand new live set from MR. BLACK. If you are unfamiliar with MR. BLACK, then you have been seriously missing out on one of the more interesting acts growing in the modern EDM world right now. Making waves in the electronic space, this Israeli producer stands out from the crowd due to his fusion of psytrance, electro house, and big room to make a truly energetic style that is primed to set a crowd ablaze. MR. BLACK has released official remixes for Tiesto, collaborated with the likes of KSHMR, and even set up his own HYBIT imprint after numerous releases through Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings.

Technology needs to go hand in hand with music, as technology evolves, you as an artist should evolve along with it.  This is even more prominent in the EDM genre, since technology is absolutely essential to the creation of the genre and the medium. While there are plenty of producers that aim to stay on the forefront of technological development, MR. BLACK has always been a consistent standout in that regard. Hell, we’re talking about MR. BLACK’s “Lift Your Energy” set today because he utilized the power of multiple Tesla EVs to power up his live set. Even if the this Tesla-powered set caught your attention on the surface layer, MR. BLACK siezed the moment and stuffed his set to the brim with classic bangers like Darude’s “Sandstorm” as well as numerous unreleased singles making their premiere during this set. If you don’t have your eyes focused on MR. BLACK and how he is changing the live performance game, you need to adjust your sight now before it is too late.

Make sure you check out the “Lift Your Energy” live set on YouTube below!

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