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Professional Bass Heads G-Rex and Buku Release Collaborative Bass Music EP “Dual Continuum”

When the lead single off of your project sparks up in the eyes of your audience, you know you’ve struck gold. On our latest visit to Wakaan we are checking out Dual Continuum, a brand new project from Buku and G-Rex. Buku has been slowly becoming acquainted with the modern audience, having received praise from legendary producer Bassnectar and moderate success from previous releases. This has also allowed him to travel all around the world, with just coming off an Australian tour and moving along to a North American tour through July. One of Buku’s viral tracks, “Ready 4”, even made it onto the soundtrack of Madden ’18! The Madden curse didn’t affect Buku that much, as since then his career has only catapulted up the ladder. Buku has even netted many major performances at prominent stages such as  Lucky, Suwannee Hulaween, Lost Lands, Something Wonderful, SomethingWicked, Imagine, and Sunset Music Festiva. While Buku may be a renowned studio rat, he is constantly creating intriguing live shows and performances while relentlessly touring around the world. A Buku set is one that you have to experience live.

We knew that there was more to this “Collide” release just waiting in the wings and now it is time for the remaining players to take center stage. After being teased with “Collide” in recent memory, we had the suspecting feeling that this EP would be in the works, yet we have to applaud the turn-around time to capitalize on the momentum. Consisting of three individual tracks, each track is simply a demonstration of forward-thinking experimental ideas being generously influenced by a few separate old-school elements. For example, both of the two new tracks “Exotic Matter” and “Fifth Dimension” strike the balance between freeform bass music and old-school rave beats, letting those rave hi-hats just a little room to breathe and be a familiar sound amongst the chaos.   If you are a fan of the current bass music scene, you need to catch G-Rex and Buku on their respective live tours before they head back into the studio because these two are on absolute fire right now.

Make sure you check out Dual Continuum on Spotify below and over on your favorite streaming platform!

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Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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