Singer Courtney Cole Releases Stripped-Down Self-Discovery Story in “Earthquake” EP

When you reach any amount of success in your chosen career, don’t be afraid to adapt your familiarity if you need a change of scenery. This time around we are hanging out and checking out Earthquake, a brand new EP from singer-songwriter Courtney Cole. Born in New Orleans, Cole didn’t dabble too much within the industry until she moved to Nashville in her college years. Now existing in a city thriving on the magic of music, Cole found herself knee-deep in the world of country music and consistently honing her chops in order to keep up. Early on in this new career her releases gained her publicity from major websites and led to touring opportunities with Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, and Kane Brown. In 2015 Cole dropped her self-titled EP and watched as the numbers rose, reaching about 2M streams. In a need of fresh scenery, Cole moved to California and this is where Earthquake was born.

It’s about choosing joy in the midst of pain and love in the midst of uncertainty and finding out who you truly are in the process.” – Courtney Cole

Even though she comes from country roots, new surroundings led her to explore a new sound to vibe with this new outlook. Earthquake features three previously released tracks and 1 brand new song to cap off the collection. Cole treats the EP like a diary, with each song serving as an entry to help chronicle her latest journey of self-discovery. In order to find the power and trust needed to thrive within oneself, Cole puts an overwhelming amount of emotion in each track. Her authentic vocals radiate feelings she felt throughout this journey, all while performing a stripped-down acoustic pop production that encourages her message to shine through with ease.

This Earthquake EP is also being released alongside Cole’s new podcast “The Love Freq Podcast With Courtney Cole” ,where she discusses the beauty and importance of healing and growing from earth-shattering moments in life and reconnecting with the truest, deepest parts of ourselves in order to live our most authentic, creative expression

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