Talented Artist Morillo Releases Pent Up Quarantine Energy in New Surreal Album “Shades of Green”

While 2020 was an abysmal year for the entire world and how you utilized your time can speak wonders. On our latest visit over to Gravitas Recordings we are welcoming back Morillo and his newest album Shades of Green. While everyone, including creatives, were stuck at home trying to find outlets to pass the time, Morillo focused on being able to properly record and utilizing acoustics in his Los Angeles studio. Finally reaching that sweet medium, Morillo found a new outlook on music production and completely ran away with the process. A passionate drummer by trade, he embraced this new method and tethered his love for drumming and production to create a new experience about human nature. Gathering all of the necessary equipment and polishing his engineering skills in a pandemic, Morillo burst through the ceiling and the result? Shades of Green.

The latest album in the Morillo catalog, Shades of Green is a small yet personal record that creates a soundscape that hypnotizes the listener as they fall under its spell. Consisting of eight ethereal tracks primed and ready for you to experience, Shades of Green invites you to lay back, accept Morillo as your guide, and prepare for a journey. Right out of the gate “Badmon Sound” sets the stage for the listener to become lost in a tribal sound that leaves you wanting to see just how far the rabbit hole goes. From fully acoustic and surreal tracks that sound like you are traveling through the mysterious wonders of Mother Earth to heavily-inspired reggae trips down to the Caribbean, Shades of Green is perfect for your next indie music wormhole. Filled to the brim with pent up quarantine energy, Morillo and Shades of Green is better experienced than explained.

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