Newcomer Sam Lapro Tells Us a Ghosting Story in New Track “Designer Lies”

In a world where everyone and everything has a heavy amount of polish on its surface, authenticity isn’t as common as we would like. Yet, many independent artists are striving for that authentic sound back. This time around we are checking out “Designer Lies”, the latest single from singer Sam Lapro. A singer-songwriter with plenty to say, Sam Lapro knows exactly how to lure you in with her words, much like a siren and her song. Lapro’s power is within her lyrics, where she is able to heavily detail her life experiences while still warping the aforementioned story into an intriguing song, She is able to reach a new level of intimacy with her audience, all just with the power of her words.

This latest single, “Designer Lies”, serves as an introduction to Sam’s emotive and breezy style. Led by a soft piano as the song opens, “Designer Lies” tells the story of Sam’s previous relationships. The track is a polite way of telling a ghoster, a “leave you on read” kind of guy, to get the hell out of your life if your unnecessary lies. Sam’s vocal performance takes center stage, allowing the audience to feel the pain and optimism within each lyric and letting us empathize with her. Sam opens her heart to her listeners, inviting us to take this journey with her.

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Sam Lapro

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