Embrace the Soundscape! Au5 & Nitrix Drop Twopeat “Always In A Nightmare”

We don’t have the chance to cover this label as much as we would like, but the staff behind it are doing some pretty amazing things. Continuing our adventure we are checking out “Always in a Nightmare” from Au5 and Nytrix over at Monstercat. Nytrix initially made his splash back in 2013, splashing onto the scene almost immediately with his debut EP Take Me Higher which reached #7 on Billboard’s Dance Chart. While Nytrix dove straight into a pool of success, it didn’t stop with just the EP. The music video for “Take Me Higher” went viral, amassing plenty of online views and being featured on multiple shows led by powerhouses like Tiesto. Since then Nytrix has performed multiple major festivals and opened for larger acts like Carnage and Afrojack.

“Upon hearing the acapella, I was immediately inspired to get to work. The song kind of writes itself when I hear a vocal acapella that I strongly resonate with. Collaborating with Nytrix is always a blast. We tend to gravitate towards a similar sonic aesthetic, and we both have a strong artistic vision. I’m looking forward to seeing what our next big project beholds!” – Au5

However, Nytrix isn’t the only one on this track. with Au5 giving his own touch to the track’s finer details. Austin Collins, better known as Au5, has been incredibly busy and growing as a producer for his nine-year-long career. Au5 has dropped more than 100 tracks across labels like Wakaan, NCS, and Monstercat. Music has been the lifeblood of Au5, pumping throughout his veins ever since he began playing piano at the meager age of four.

“Working with Au5 is always an artistically expanding experience. I feel like we both really aim to make a story through soundscape and lyric. In a way, when we made these songs, it was almost like working on a large painting. It was also fascinating to make Part 2 of a song. I have never done that before.” – Nytrix.

When two forces like Au5 and Nytrix collaborate within the fray, you never know what you’re going to get. As an official follow up to their previous Monstercat collab “Only In A Dream”, these two talented artist meld together in a brand new supersonic soundscape. Inspired by the ethereal world of video game music, Au5 and Nytrix take the chance to craft their own audible journey for their listeners. With Au5 in the studio crafting melodies that glitter when sound passes through and plenty of trap-esque bass, Nytrix‘s vocals cut through the production like butter. If an audible experience isn’t enough for you, the accompanying music video is just the right amount of chaos to still be a treat for the brain.

Make sure you check out the “Always In A Nightmare” music video below or on Spotify!

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