Hip-Hop Duo Rushden & Diamonds Drop Remastered “2020” LP, A Sequel 10 Years Later

We always say how that musicians and fans of music should continue to explore other genres of music, so why don’t we open our eyes a bit more as well? We don’t dive into the hip-hop world too often, so this time we are checking out Rushden & Diamonds brand new track “Purple Spotted Caddy” and their new 2020 LP. Starting off their careers under the tutelage of renowned hip hop producer Kutmasta Kurt, Rushden & Diamonds waded through the hip-hop pool to find a style that resonated with them. Embracing the classic 1980s hip-hop sound,  the duo’s earliest productions combined became their debut album 2010, leading to quite a bit of acclaim and global live shows. Just a few years later, Rushden & Diamonds even recorded two songs for SEGA’s cult hit game Anarchy Reigns. The duo’s career has continued to thrive over the years, and now ten years after their debut album they thought it was time for a follow-up.

A fully remixed and remastered sequel to their 2010 album, 2020 is a fantastic example of how classic hip hop sounds fit in perfectly well with the current landscape of the hip hop scene. A conceptual hip-hop album through and through, 2020 features performances from the likes of Kool Keith, Kutmasta Kurt, Moka Only, Dylan Ross (Rozz Dyliams), Mega Ran, and even the composer of Capcom’s Mega Man X series Naoto Tanaka! Rushden & Diamonds take advantage of the repertoire they’ve built to manipulate and morph the rules of hip-hop music, even dipping into a bit of chiptune in “Make Your Move”. Rushden & Diamonds got us hooked with “Purple Spotted Caddy”, but the entire 2020 LP convinced us to stay. Keep it up Rushden & Diamonds!

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