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Canadian Duo The Funk Hunters Teams Up With Dr. Fresch and Chali 2na For Fusion of Mid-Tempo Bass and Rap “All Of A Sudden.” Out Now on Westwood Recordings and House Call Records as Joint Release

While we have a running list of producers that are must-covers when it comes to Modern Neon, there are those that slide back onto that list every couple of drops. On our latest visit to Westwood Recordings we are checking out “All Of A Sudden”, the latest from The Funk Hunters, Dr. Fresch, and Chali 2na. Created after the two brains behind the project, Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith, met in Canada while attending film school; The Funk Hunters have been cautiously making a name for themselves since their debut album dropped back in 2018. Middleton and Smith’s chemistry is in sync, with each member taking creative control of their production process. While Middleton focuses on the band’s studio recordings as well as producing their larger projects, Smith focuses on creating interactive live shows that transform the live viewing of a Funk Hunters show. Clearly this combination works, as it has garnered over 30 million listens across their original production catalog and a very lengthy live tour. The Funk Hunters have performed at many large venues and festivals including Coachella, Life Is Beautiful, Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Forest, Osheaga, Outside Lands, Burning Man, and Shambhala.

We’ve been playing and making mid-tempo bass music before it even had a name, so to come across Dr. Fresch‘s music years ago and discover he also loves mid-tempo… Well, it was love at first listen, ha! So, for our first official collab together, we just knew it needed to be a mid-tempo tune. As soon we had the beat done, there was really no other choice for vocals. We sent it straight to Chali 2na, and the rest is history. He delivered in a big way! It’s really such a cool blend of all 3 of our styles, funky fresch and bangin’” – The Funk Hunters

..and ‘All Of A Sudden‘ – we’re dropping the biggest mid-tempo banger of 2023! I’ve been a fan of The Funk Hunters and Chali 2na for years; this song is a major moment for me. It’s been a pleasure to get to know Nick and Dunks from touring the US and Canada over the course of the last several years- it was only time before we convened to create a funky fresch concoction. This collab was so fun and exciting to make. It’s the perfect blend of all our styles, and maybe most importantly, it feels like a genuine soundtrack to the live festival atmospheres we thrive in. It’s been a ride playing and working on this record for the last year. I’m so proud that we can finally unleash the beast.” – Dr. Fresch

I’m always excited to work with Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith from the notorious The Funk Hunters, but to add the legendary Dr. Fresch to my résumé was an honor and a pleasure! Especially with such an aggressively fire song like ‘All Of A Sudden.’ Thank you, fellas!” – Chali 2na

The collaborative single “All Of A Sudden” by The Funk Hunters, Dr. Fresch, and Chali 2na is a thrilling exploration of music that transcends genres and eras. It combines the diverse talents of these artists to create a track that seamlessly melds elements of mid-tempo bass and rap. Chali 2na’s rhythmic vocals provide a strong foundation, while the track wastes no time in delivering deep basslines and menacing synth-driven melodies. The song’s grimy breakdown takes the listener into a darker and more experimental dimension, demonstrating the artists’ willingness to push boundaries and explore uncharted musical territory. “All Of A Sudden” is an electrifying, festival and club-friendly anthem that not only pleases the crowd but also showcases the endless possibilities of musical innovation and artistic exploration.

Make sure you check out “All Of A Sudden” on Spotify below!

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