Yellow Claw, Juyen Sebulba, & RayRay Drop “Supernoize”, Tease for Barong Family LP

This particular label and project don’t just color within the lines, they want to shape the lines to fit their needs. Stepping out of the doors of Barong Family we were treated to “Supernoize”, a brand new track from Yellow Claw and fellow producers Juyen Sebulba and RayRay. Bursting onto the scene way back in 2013, Yellow Claw has been changing and molding the modern look of bass music. First popping up on our radar with their first major hit “DJ Turn It Up”, Yellow Claw‘s blend of hip-hop and club music has dominated playlists throughout clubs worldwide. With the success of that track and “In My Room”, Yellow Claw has gained over 300 million streams just from those two tracks alone. Back in 2015 Yellow Claw‘s debut album Blood for Mercy even won the Dutch equivalent of a Grammy. They haven’t slowed down even the smallest bit, with multiple global tours that have been further injecting Yellow Claw into the bass music industry.

As soon as you push play, Yellow Claw makes it clear that you better prepare yourself for high-energy beats right out of the gate. All throughout “Supernoize” Yellow Claw pulls absolutely zero punches and lets the hard-hitting bass and aggressive synths completely invade your audible domain. With the help of Juyen Sebulba and RayRay, Yellow Claw turned “Supernoize” into an aggressive monster yet primed for the major festival and club circuits.  Since “Supernoize” is the first single off of Barong Family’s next label album Hard in Bangkok, we almost know with utmost certainty that the album will be completely chaotic. With fourteen international artists coming together on a five-track LP, we know that we will be in for an experience.

Make sure you check out “Supernoize” on Spotify below and on SoundCloud!

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