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Finnish Producer Axel Thesleff Kicks Off US Festival Season With New Signature EP “Take Me Here”

It’s only been four years since we’ve had a major drop from today’s artist, but it’s time we dove back in. On our latest peek into the electronic music world we are checking out Take Me Here, a brand new EP from Axel Thesleff. Hailing from Finland, Axel had an insatiable lust for music as a medium from very early on his life. While studying Musicology at the University of Helsinki, Axel uncovered his true focus in terms of music production. Determined to focus on the story and plot behind the pieces he creates, Axel popped onto the scene with an interpretation of T.S. Elliot’s “The Waste Land”, but this only sparked the fire. Axel completely exploded upon his release of “Bad Karma”, which was featured in Adidas’s “Faster Than” campaign, racking up over 1 billion streams across all online platforms.  Following the monumental success of “Bad Karma”, Axel continued his winning streak with “2 Down” (which won multiple international rewards) and his unique Scenes From The Ocean album!

We’ve become too comfortable with music from our homeland and western Europe, so we’re hopping on a plane back to Scandinavia. Now that Axel has arrived in the United States just in time for festival season, we’re primed and ready to dive fully into Take Me Here, once we return our plane tickets. Following up Axel’s previous 2018 Ep Two Worlds, Take Me Here feels like it is a rejuvenation session for the mind while it gives the body time to re-center and build itself back up. Take Me Here guides the listener through a lush and almost surreal soundscape, while also letting the listener pick apart each instrumental and find what element resonates with them. Whether it’s the more ambient sound of “Take Me There” or the more experimental future bass stylings of “Five to the Sky”, there is something that can convince you to listen to the entire experience. With plenty of teasing leading up to the EP’s full release, we can’t wait to see how absolutely ready fans are for Axel as he tears through the festival circuit.

Make sure you check out Take Me Here EP on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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