Promising Duo Mantrastic & Rechler Drop Classic House “Waiting” on Protocol

Even after 200 releases, you can’t hold a label like Protocol back to take a break. This week we are heading on over to our familiar label for “Waiting”, the latest release under the label from Mantrastic & Rechler. Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings has been a mover and a shaker in the modern electronic dance scene, allowing plenty of new artists to burst onto the scene and make their mark. While Protocol has been known for progressive house music, their catalog has expanded to encompass a wide diversity of sounds. Protocol is a major player every year at Miami Music Week, and despite not having the chance to perform this year, the label has other methods to put their overwhelmingly talented roster out on display. This latest drop shows that even after 200 releases, Protocol will definitely not take a beat and keep the momentum flowing.

Let’s face it, Protocol has a rather large lineup within their reach, ready to be featured and to take their own spotlight on stage. Today’s promising duo, Mantrastic & Rechler, have returned to Protocol for the third time to let their groovy blend of classic house and modern progressive run wild. Featured on both “Protocol Vibes – Miami 2019” and “Protocol Lab – ADE 2019”, we’d have to say Mantrastic & Rechler finally pulled out ahead. While letting the piano melodies take lead and the rolling bassline keep up the tempo, “Waiting” feels as if it doesn’t belong in this era…embracing the true elements of nu-disco. A solid follow up to their previous success on the imprint, Mantrastic & Rechler have a promising career in front of them and we have no doubt that “Waiting” will litter club playlists once they open again.

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