Independent Artist Mikoh Drops Dark Introspective Single “Do You Hear Me Now?”

Diligence is key to finding any success in this business and we respect the grind and hustle mentality. This time we are checking out “Do You Hear Me Now?”, the latest single from French Canadian singer-songwriter Mikoh. A relative newcomer to the indie music scene, Mikoh brings an odd yet satisfying sound to the modern radio waves. Deriving various elements from the likes of Linkin Park, Grimes, and The Weeknd, Mikoh blends all three styles into a nostalgic and alluring overall sound. Mikoh first popped up on our radar last month with one of her first singles “Afterglow” and we are excited to see what she brought with her this time.

Throughout “Afterglow” we joined Mikoh on a journey of self-discovery, learning to express herself in a different light and look within from a different perspective. “Do You Hear Me Now?” details Mikoh’s feelings of being lost along this trip of self-discovery, desperately looking back to rediscover your ideal self. Much darker in comparison to her previous drops, “Do You Hear Me Now?” features an almost sinister undertone that shoves the track into a dark corner of the room, embracing the safety of the shadows. The track also puts Mikoh’s vocal range to the test, letting her tone play within this darkness she created. Embrace the shadows and join in on Mikoh’s journey.

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