DVBBS Drop Latest Emotive Dance Pop Crossover “Lose My Mind”, Latest Single From New Album SLEEP

Let’s face it, there are few producers out there that have climbed the ladder as quickly as DVBBS. On our latest visit over to Ultra Records we are checking out “Lose My Mind”, the latest single from DVBBS. Since we started covering DVBBS back in 2017, they have had multiple successes and expanded their musical footprint on a global scale. This Canadian duo has since massively expanded their catalog, even earning a few platinum tracks along the way. DVBBS has even reached over one billion streams online, further expanding their reach in the global music scene. DVBBS has been honing their highly energetic live performances, even launching a monumental 2019 tour schedule with 250 tour dates.  We definitely need to make sure DVBBS is in our continuous rotation.

This record means a lot to us… and is one of our favorites records to date.” – DVBBS

We have a soft spot for dance-pop crossovers and we have no doubt that DVBBS might just be to blame. The latest addition to the DVBBS catalog, “Lose My Mind” is a dance-pop gem that features plenty of familiar DVBBS elements that only they could craft. The song works primarily around the sample of Yebba‘s original Sofar Sounds recording of “My Mind” and doesn’t lose any of the emotional weight that the original track carries. Utilizing soft guitar instrumentals to set the tone, DVBBS  quickly makes their mark and showcases that their range has no bounds. Yebba’s vocal performance is as strong and powerful as ever, simply elevated even further by DVBBS’s production. DVBBS  fills the downbeats with cinematic and minimalist basslines that give Yebba’s vocals a goosebump-inducing quality. “Lose My Mind” is the latest single off of DVBBS’s upcoming SLEEP album, which will drop in full later this year.

Make sure you check out “Lose Your Mind” on Spotify below!

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