Songwriter Meggie York Shares New Single Haunting Electro-pop Single “Couldn’t Be Forever”

We so many gatekeepers out of the way for people who want to pursue a career in music, we are seeing younger and younger talented musicians claw at the fray. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “couldn’t be forever” from Meggie York. At a mere 20 years old, York has already received her taste of success and is eager to continue her climb up the ladder. York has made a place for herself in the indie music world and through plenty of collaborations with major playmakers in electronic music, expanding her reach to a growing audience that is often welcoming to new sounds and beats. As an independent artist York has received features in CS, Seeking Blue, Ophelia Records, Enhanced, and Monstercat. York has even racked up over 5 million streams online and has performed alongside the likes of Why Don’t We, Ava Max, Logan Henderson, Jake Miller, EBEN, and Spencer Sutherland.

“Young love can be confusing even if it doesn’t seem that way at the time. It’s hard to make someone else happy if you don’t even know what you want for yourself and your future.” – Meggie York

While there are plenty of “rising stars” in the indie-pop world, you have to wade through the pool to find artists like Meggie York. Finding her twist on the indie-pop formula so early on in her career, York focuses on emotional songwriting combined with hopeful but moody electronic beats to get her message across. “couldn’t be forever” explores familiar concepts with a young artist, but with a focus on how love is not a destination but the journey as you grow along the way.  The track is a fantastic electro-pop number that twists the formula on its head, using a hauntingly powerful production instead of a bouncy “bedroom-pop” alternative. York may still be early on in her career, but she knows the path she needs to take and already has her goal in mind.

Make sure you check out “couldn’t be forever” on Spotify below!

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