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Shaun Frank Recruits Alicia Moffet For “On Your Mind”, Debut on Physical Presents

If there has been any label to continues to surprise us with new talent in their roster it is Physical Presents. For today’s pick we have “On Your Mind”, the debut track of Shaun Frank and Alicia Moffet on Physical Presents. Originally starting of his career in a Canadian Pop/rock band, Shaun Frank has continued his journey exploring other genres of music. Finding his niche under the electronic music umbrella, Shaun has been making a name for himself through singles and writing tracks for other artists such as The Chainsmokers’ 2016 hit “Closer”. Working with Ultra music as his outlet, Shaun has also amassed collectively 50 million streams through multiple releases on the imprint. With “On Your Mind” being the first step on Shaun’s 2020 journey, we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the year.

While Shaun Frank may just be popping on our radar now, we can already tell that he will be in our rotation for a nice spell. Introducing new listeners to his style with a soft paino-driven melody, “On Your Mind” is a solid feel-good track released with perfect timing. Each instrument and beat feels organic and raw, adding another layer to an already energetic and groovy bass line. Shaun adapted his style to Alicia Moffet’s vocal performance beautifully, creating an image of springtime vibes trapped within a pristine moment of bliss. Overflowing with soul and an upbeat attitude, “On Your Mind” is definitely going on repeat to keep our spirits up when we need it most.

Make sure you check out “On Yout Mind” on Spotify below and on Soundcloud!

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