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Indie-Pop Group Port Cities Don Their “Parachute”, Exploring The Unpredictable Nature of Life

It is time to face the cruel reality…life is unpredictable. How you handle yourself after that realization is life’s true challenge. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Parachute”, the latest drop from Port Cities. After a rather busy yet successful career, late 2019 changed the band Port Cities and forced them to evolve. Founding member of Port Cities, Breagh McKinnon, amicably left the band and left the group’s future in the hands of fellow founders Dylan Guthro and Carleton Stone, who took no time to return to work. Bouncing between their native Halifax and Nashville, Port Cities has been hard at work evolving the band into their next form. Port Cities has gained plenty of accolades, including numerous awards, #1 spots on the CBC and Spotify charts, nearly 2 million streams online. Now with Guthro in the producer chair while both Guthro and Stone take on writing duties, what will this new version of Port Cities sound like?

As the world is slowly beginning to open up after being crippled due to last year’s events, we are starting to see more artists releasing music during their own experiences. The latest addition to the Port Cities catalog, “Parachute” is an indie-pop gem that expands upon the idea of living within the moment due to life’s unpredictable nature. Originally crafted during the 2020 lockdown, “Parachute” was actually the first single written remotely by Guthro and Stone, with input from their Toronto-based collaborators, Todd Lumley, Brad Kilpatrick, and Aaron Goldstein. While the track may explore darker themes of losing those close to you young and the abrupt ending of close relationships, Port Cities contrast the pain and emotion with uplifting and overly positive indie-pop melodies. “Parachute” is by no means a sad song, as it begs the listener to love and enjoy every minute that you have with anything that makes you happy. We can’t wait to check out more from Port Cities as they sprinkle more singles throughout the rest of the year!

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