Montreal Indie Lo-Fi Trio Ivytide Release Uplifting & Emotionally Aware Debut EP “slowly”

With the continuous rise of lo-fi indie music, today’s band has the road laid out in front of them,  On our latest peek into the indie world of our northern neighbors, we are checking out softly, the debut EP from Ivytide. Hailing out of our favorite Canadian city Montreal, Ivytide was created by musicians Nathan Gagné (vocals/guitar), Jamie Snytte (guitar) and Kyle Ruggiero during a chance meeting at a recording studio. Almost immediately Nathan, Jamie, and Kyle synced up and found fluid chemistry through their songwriting. They also discovered their mutual love for lo-fi indie-pop music which led to an extensive collection of bedroom pop songs and a net of 2.5 million streams across the Ivytide catalog. The band found success from fans in the indie-pop world, which led to listings in Indie Pop & Chill, Montreal Chill, and Chill Vibes and tastemaker praise from the likes of Indie88 and CBC Q.

Every song on the EP addresses a specific insecurity with regards to the relationship, hence the ironic play on words in the title “softy”. Both the sound and lyrics of the songs capture a certain softness, excitement, and uncertainty brought on by a new relationship.” – Ivytide

The deeper we dive into the indie music world, the more tangents we discover and have to explore…we may need a second exploration team to come to find us if we don’t make it out. When Ivytide originally popped on our radar back in May, we were swoon by their lo-fi vibes and feel-good approach to music. This time around, Ivytide explores the complexity of relationships, with each track on Softly exploring different insecurity that you could experience throughout a complicated relationship. A rather familiar and funny feeling for many, each track strips back the complex productions down to the raw yet emotionally aware core. Softly isn’t all gloom and emotional though, as the EP still embodies that infectious Ivytide lof-fi indie sound that keeps us vibing along. Softly serves as a collection of all of the trio’s hits so far, adding one new track “rent free”, to the catalog as well. Things are looking bright for Ivytide and we can’t wait until the next time their lo-fi vibes grace our inbox once again.

Make sure you check out the Softly EP on Spotify below!

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