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Singer Songwriter Cristina Soto Revists House Classic “Lifted” For New Acoustic Mix Treatment

Sometimes you need to take a beat and revisit one of your classic bangers from time to time to add a new coat of paint. On today’s latest dive we were able to check out a brand new acoustic mix of “Lifted” from Cristina Soto. Hailing out of Austin, TX, Cristina is a talented instrumentalist that has trained in a handful of backgrounds including opera, jazz, musical theater, and gospel vocals. Originally releasing her fantastic hit “Lifted” back in 2010 when she was collaborating with the talented producing duo Tritonal, the single is the latest track to be given an acoustic mix from one of their original creators. Starting with her revisit to her breakout hit “Still With Me” alongside Tritonal last year, Cristina has found new life in revisiting a handful of her personal favorites.  

“I was so excited to rework ‘Lifted’ as an acoustic mix because the progression, melodies, and lyrics are strong, and I felt that it could stand the test of time, The message of imperfect love is also still a relevant one.” – Cristina Soto

Definitely a significant departure from the hard-hitting bass and progressive house sound in the original, Cristina definitely brings life into the decade-old track. Tapping fellow musicians Robert Soto on guitars and drums, Omar Vallejo on bass, and Haydn Vitera on strings, this new acoustic mix takes “Lifted” off of the festival stage and into a bright clear field that we can let our energy run wild. Having collaborated with many major electronic powerhouses such as Au5, CloZee, & ATB, Cristina understands how to keep hte original track’s essence entact while still repurposing the fundamental production to better fit her new vision. Fans of the original “Lifted” may miss the Tritonal bass music sound, but Cristina’s acoustic mix has the right vibes to fill in the void. 

Make sure you check out “Lifted (Acoustic Mix)” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming service!

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