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Bass Music Producer PIERCE Puts Every Form of Bass Music Style on Display in New “Hypnotize” EP

Sometimes just a shift in direction is all an artist needs to light that spark once again. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out Hypnotic, a brand new EP from the talented PIERCE. After bursting onto the scene after graduating in 2015, PIERCE received training and feedback from many powerhouses in the modern music industry. With a few major releases already under his belt, including one with Spinnin’ Records and the other with Bassrush Records, Will he be able to combine his storytelling elements with dubstep? While it has been quite some time since PIERCE made his way back to the Modern Neon stage and we’re glad that he is back in full force for the next EP to break our calm music session. If you want to catch PIERCE live, he has multiple performances booked in Texas, Washington, and Canada!

When you decide to throw your hat into the ring in a genre as wide as bass music, you better be prepared to have a couple of different niches for you to truly find your footing. Since we’ve been following PIERCE for a hot minute now, we are seeing past his outward appearance as a producer and looking deeper into the rest of his tool kit. PIERCE aims to make this exercise as easy as possible with Hypnotic, a five track EP that showcases each different facet of PIERCE’s sound. While we were initially introduced to PIERCE a handful of years ago during his heavy dubstep phase, we’ve been following his own exploration into liquid and freeform bass with much interest. While we initially thought of PIERCE as just another heavy dubstep producer, we’re now seeing him in a different light as he continues to expand and evolve his sound.

Make sure you check out the new Hypnotic EP on Spotify below!

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