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Kodiak Arcade Releases New Feel Good Vibes Electronic Pop Single “You and Me”

We are suckers for artists who continue to kick down doors and aren’t afraid to innovate in their genre. On our latest dive into the indie world we are checking out “You and Me”, the newest drop from Kodiak Arcade. Fronted by Graeme Cornies, Kodiak Arcade was birthed into the world back in 2016 as a passion art project for Graeme to explore other avenues. While music has always been a constant in Graeme’s life, initially piquing his interest as he watched his mother create albums as a harpist. By the time he reached his teens, he already developed his own network of collaborators and traded any additional funds available for a sweet session in the studio. Now having the drive to make his own music, his journey led him to explore musical studies in college and joining forces with collaborators in 2005 to hit the ground running with his own never-ending art project. Over the last fifteen years since, Graeme has worked as a composer and scorer for more than 40 different tv-shows, numerous documentary features, AAA games, and has thrived in a musically creative playground ever since.

“The style of this song is loosely based on my fandom for Daft Punk, Diana Ross and OutRun on Sega Genesis, It’s celebratory, danceable and filled with the kind of live instruments and synths that blend Disco and the sound of retro video gaming in a unique way.” – Kodiak Arcade

While we normally say this about an artist when they are trying out something new within their main genre of music or have a truly out there idea, we feel like this is an understatement for someone like Kodiak Arcade. Even though we’ve only been covering and keeping an ey e on Kodiak Arcade for a little bit, we can already tell he’s an artist where you truly can’t expect his next move…ever. With a lengthy career of making music for many different genres and mediums, Kodiak Arcade literally has all of the tools at his disposal to make anything he wants just like “You and Me”. Loosely based on elements from Daft Punk and video game soundtracks of his youth, “You and Me” encapsulates that feeling of meeting someone new and discovering that they are a new main character in your life. While the territory might be familiar, no landscape is familiar once Kodiak Arcade sets his eyes on it.

Make sure you check out “You and Me” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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