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Yellow Claw’s Barong Family Drops Moksi’s New Single “So Fly” From Upcoming Debut Album

Everyone make way, we have a new debut album/single coming through. This time we are heading on over to Yellow Claw’s Barong Family for a brand new single from Moksi “So Fly”. Originally meeting up and budding a friendship back in 2006 the duo behind Moksi, Diego and Sam, didn’t start on their musical journey until 2015. Maksi has made plenty of progress since their inception, even enticing Yellow Claw with their first 45-second snippet. Since then, Moksi has released their first Brace Yourself EP, as well as made debuts on some of the largest stages in the world such as Tomorrowland, Ultra, and EDC. The biggest hit under their belt is 2017’s “Open” with Yellow Claw, which has nabbed over 27 million streams.

“After the success of our song “Push,” we wanted to work with Debbie on a new song. We sent her a raw demo of a beat. Not longer than a day later, she sent us the vocal, which was an absolute freestyle smasher. We changed the entire beat to match her flow and vibe, and it became one of our favorite songs of the album.” – Moksi

For an initial single off of a debut album, “So Fly” is a solid choice to help build hype for the rest of the album. Setting the theme right out of the gate, the track promises that the album will be all four on the floor and have a bassline that will drive you absolutely mad. If that won’t snag you, then the funky synths and minimal melodies will be right up your alley. Maki makes it clear that they want to focus on the music, as bringing house music back to its prime is a priority.  If you like “So Fly” make sure you check out the rest of Moksi’s debut album The Return of House Music that will be out on Barong Family on August 2nd.

Make sure you check out “So Fly” on Spotify below!

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