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Techno Icon UMEK Celebrates 30 Years of His Career with Hard-Hitting 300th Release From His Label 1605 – “Hypnotizing” with Maddix

When you have such a monstrous career like UMEK has, these milestones just keep getting bigger and bigger. In our first visit over to 1605 we are checking out “Hypnotizing”, the latest from UMEK and Maddix. UMEK, the towering techno legend from Slovenia, is a multifaceted force in the world of electronic music. Standing at an imposing 2 meters tall, he kickstarted his nation’s electronic music scene by organizing underground raves, ultimately becoming one of Slovenia’s most prized exports and a global music ambassador. UMEK’s schedule is marked by an impressive tally of around 100 flights per year, landing him in various corners of the world, from Berlin’s underground clubs to massive stages at renowned festivals. He’s not just a DJ; UMEK is a prolific producer with a penchant for topping Beatport charts, largely thanks to his own label, 1605. After three decades in the music industry, he transitioned his experience and skills into the entrepreneurial realm, co-founding the music-tech startup Viberate. In this new venture, UMEK seeks to fuse his musical expertise with innovative technologies, shaping the future of the music industry.

“Celebrating three decades in the dynamic realm of electronic music, I am overjoyed to mark this milestone with ‘Hypnotizing’ – a track that encapsulates the energy, passion, and relentless drive that have defined my career. As the 300th release under the auspicious banner of 1605, ‘Hypnotizing’ not only mirrors the evolution of my sound but also underscores the vision and spirit of a label committed to pushing boundaries. Here’s to the rhythm that unites us, the beats that inspire, and the magical 300 that reflects a journey of persistence and undying love for music. The hypnotic allure of the dance floor awaits, and I invite you all to lose yourselves in the mesmerizing world of ‘Hypnotizing'” – UMEK

UMEK, a celebrated figure in the music industry with three decades of experience and 300 releases on his label 1605, has marked these milestones with his latest single, “Hypnotizing.” This techno track is aptly named, as it opens with an immediate, commanding bassline and seamlessly weaves undulating melodies, syncopating synths, and a haunting vocal riff into a dark and ominous sonic journey. UMEK’s craftsmanship in this piece showcases his enduring talent and innovation, offering a captivating soundscape that transports listeners from dungeons to dancefloors, reflecting the essence of his remarkable career and the significance of his 300th release.

Make sure you check out “Hypnotizing” on Spotify below and over on Soundcloud!

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