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Multi-platinum Artist Alan Walker Lays Foundation of His 4th Studio Album “WalkerWorld” In Form of First 10-track Installment, Announcement of Fortnite In-Game Amusement Park, Themed World Tour, Future Album Singles, and More

We haven’t quite seen an album release like this one, yet we’re insanely excited to see it play out. On our latest peek at the EDM world we are checking out Walkerworld, the newest album of Alan Walker. Alan Walker, a 25-year-old Norwegian producer and DJ, has a massive following on social media with over 115 million followers and billions of streams and views on his music. He gained fame with his debut hit single “Faded,” and has since collaborated with many artists and released a chart-topping album called “Different World.” Alan has played over 700 headlining shows and festivals to date and released his third album, “Walkerverse Pt. I & II,” in 2022.

With immense excitement and pride, I am thrilled to announce the release of my fourth studio album, ‘Walkerworld.’ November 10th is a significant day in my career as it marks the unveiling of a new body of work that will resonate with listeners until late 2024. It also heralds the introduction of an innovative and immersive chapter in the World of Walker. Not too long ago, I sat in my childhood bedroom and dreamt of creating music that could touch people’s hearts and leave a lasting impact. I am incredibly grateful to continue this journey and step into this new phase with the support of an exceptional group of talented artists, creatives, and community. This release is a milestone for every individual who has joined me on this incredible ride over the past eight years. My hope is that the album brings a sense of happiness to all who listen to it.” – Alan Walker

Norwegian superstar Alan Walker has introduced “WalkerWorld,” a groundbreaking and ever-evolving project that represents a new chapter in his musical journey. The project’s first installment includes 10 tracks, five of which are brand new, defying traditional genre boundaries and taking listeners on a captivating sonic journey. What makes “WalkerWorld” truly unique is its dynamic nature, with new tracks continuously added to the album’s tracklist throughout 2024. This ensures that the project remains fresh and exciting for Alan Walker’s fans. Additionally, an in-game amusement park named “WalkerWorld” in Fortnite is set to launch, offering an immersive virtual experience for fans. Alan Walker’s world tour, featuring seven sold-out arena shows in China, further solidifies his position as one of the world’s most recognizable and influential artists.

The “WalkerWorld” album reflects Alan Walker’s creative evolution, showcasing both his signature dance-pop style and his willingness to explore more emotive and experimental sounds. The project’s tracks, such as “Heart Over Mind,” “Spectre 2.0,” and “Land of the Heroes,” demonstrate his versatility as a producer and artist. The album’s dynamic approach and innovative additions, such as the in-game park and the sold-out world tour, underscore Alan Walker’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and delivering a truly immersive experience for his global fan base. “WalkerWorld” promises to be a memorable and ever-evolving musical journey that fans will cherish for years to come.

Alan Walker‘s forthcoming WalkerWorld dates:

Nov 28 – Chengdu Magic Cube – Chengdu, China
Dec 02 – Bao An Arena – Shenzhen, China
Dec 05 – Mercedes-Benz Arena – Shanghai, China
Dec 08 – Wuhan Five Rings Sports Centre – Wuhan, China
Dec 09 – Lingnan Pearl Gymnasium – Foshan, China
Dec 10 – Expo-C3 Hall – Suzhou, China
Dec 14 – Cadillac Arena – Baijing, China

Make sure you check out Walkerworld on Spotify below!

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