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I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: Welcome to LAOKI



DIRECTED BY: Justin Krook

STARRING: Devon Aoki, Steve Aoki, Benji Madden,, Joel Madden, Travis Barker, Diplo, Pete Tong, Tiesto, Eric Garcetti

GENRE: Documentary

YEAR: 2016

COUNTRY: United States

large_steve-aoki-3I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, directed by Justin Krook, is a heart-pumping yet heart-wrenching documentary about one of the most eminent DJs working today: Steve Aoki. In the lead-up to Aoki’s biggest show of his career, this introspective doc examines the driving force behind his passion: Rocky Aoki, daredevil showman, Benihana founder, and Steve’s looming father figure. From producers David Gelb (Chef’s Table, Jiro Dreams of Sushi), Matthew Weaver (Rock of Ages), Matt Colon, Happy Walters, Executive Producer Michael Mailis and Co-Producer Susan Wrubel.

Do you like documentaries? Do you care about EDM? What about millennials? Okay, the last two answers don’t actually matter for this one. Sure, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead takes a rather introspective look at the life and career of DJ Steve Aoki, perhaps one of the most energetic producers in the scene. The film features some of Aoki’s best songs, and really does give an intriguing sneak peek into his life. I actually learned quite a bit about the man behind cake throws and epic travels, even now I follow him on Snapchat!As far as documentaries go, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead provides an experience…you won’t be bored or disappointed.


Now when it comes to documentaries about famous icons, it kind of is a general rule that you have to balance both their career as well as their family life. While I understand how much of an icon and how influential his father (Robert Aoki) was in his life, they really hammer that home. I would say about 60% of I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead is focused as a tribute to Robert Aoki. While I did also learn much about the founder of Benihana, I would like to know more about Steve Aoki’s career.


  • Interesting look at Aoki’s life.
  • Fantastic soundtrack.
  • Aoki’s struggles.


  • Fail on a blend of family and career.

SCORE: 7.5 / 10

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