A Twist on a 90’s Classic: Felix Cartal’s “Get What You Give”

Here at MiR, we always recommend everyone to push past and expand your musical horizons. That’s why we like to support everyone with as much coverage as possible. Anyway, today we have the latest from well-known Canadian producer Felix Cartal with “Get What You Give”. Felix has been busy, with multiple standalone productions with other producers including successful producer Kaskade. Felix will also be touring internationally, so everyone will be able to see if some time soon. This latest release has a special place in Felix’s heart and could only be described in his own words:

This song has been important to me ever since I heard it. It’s one of those songs that feels familiar the first time you hear it, the soundtrack to your life that you didn’t know you were missing. At first, I was tentative to put my own take on it, do you really touch a classic? But I kept thinking about this song nearly 20 years after it came out and… I had to try. The lyrics actually seem more relevant as I get older, almost a 90’s take on The Beatles; “and in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make.” If I can showcase how important they were to me in a new format to the next generation then I’ll feel like it was worth it.”

Alright, does this track sound familiar to you yet? Hopefully it does. While it is not officially a remix of popular 1998 New Radicals’ hit “You Get What You Give”, it drives plenty of influence from the track. You could say it tries to sap some of the feel good power of the original track and we would say it indeed was able snag some. “Get What You Give” is a refreshing take on a song that gave us plenty of joy in the late 90’s. This version has plenty of bounce and positive vibes, at the same time conforming to what we could call mainstream electronic. With the right buzz, “Get What You Give” could easily be the feel good song of 2017. Plus millennials still love nostalgia, right?

Be sure to listen to “Get What You Give” here:

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