Canadian Alt-Pop Act I M U R Teases Upcoming Album With Dreamy Introspective Single “Birdseye”

In a world of oversaturated pop music, you need to be able to warp the mold to fit the vision of your sound. On our latest trip into the indie world we are checking out “Birdseye”, the newest single from I M U R. Founded by singer/songwriter Jenny Lea and producer/guitarist Mikey J Blige, I M U R has been kicking around since 2015 in their original form. After releaseing their debut EP Slow Drive to early success, the duo would later add producer/multi-instrumentalist Amine Bouzaher and form the version of I M U R we now know. The band has been consistantly active over the last five years, despite singer Jenny Lea having a near death experience that would later influence the band’s music moving forward. With numerous singles and release under their belt, once 2020 came around the band converted into low key mode. Each taking time for themselves, I M U R stepped out of the limelight and focused on improving themselves as people. Now fresh and ready to go, I M U R is primed to thrive throughout the rest of 2021.

“Not everything that happened to me in life, that has been good for me, has been good TO me. My car accident was not good to me, but it was, in a way, good for me, because it caused me to focus on myself, get better, and pour myself into music.”Jenny Lea

While we have definitely become well aqainted with the indie pop world and many of its varients, I M U R’s variatel caught our eye. While 2020 was insanely difficult for everyone worldwide, once I M U R reunitted they were filled to the brim with renewed passion for the process and My Monocules was born. The most recent single “Birdseye” gives listeners an interesting look into what the band is trying to accomplish with this album. While the track has a rather familar “bedroom pop” framework to it, I M U R’s blend of alt-pop and avant garde sounds adds enough to the formula to make their beats intriguing. I M U R widely considers “Birdseye” as a labor of love, serving as a chance to stop a look back at Lea’s real life near-death experience and how she looked at life at the time. IF you need a fresh dose of alt-pop to get through the rest of your week, I M U R has what you are looking for. If you want more I M U R you can also check out My Monocules when it comes out on June 25th!

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