Songwriter Mike Ruby Drops New “You Wrote These Songs” EP, Leaving Her Behind

Romance and love can be a fickle thing, even if we really wished it wasn’t. This time we are rechecking in with Mike Ruby, who finally dropped his latest EP You Wrote These Songs. Originally planning to settle in New York to pursue a career in the jazz scene, that career path made a hard pivot in his college years. After a rather drastic breakup, Mike picked up the guitar and instantly fell in love with the songwriting process. Originally getting the touring bug as a sax player for the band St. Lucia, Mikelove for pop music further deepened after opening for English pop star Ellie Goulding. Mike is still a saxophonist at heart, as the instrument is still prevalent in all of his songs, even if songwriting may take that place within his heart for now. Having written over a thousand songs and dropped a handful of impressive and emotional singles, Mike’s debut EP comes off as an album for any fan of music.

With plenty of powerful writers behind the lyrics, such as Chris Hartz (Childish Gambino) and Nicky Paul (St. Lucia) to name a few, we had a rather strong idea that we would love this EP. Diving deep into the world of romance and relationships, Mike uses the main track of the EP, “Don’t Want You Back (wtf)” to tell us an all too familiar story. Detailing his encounter with the ex that you’d want to forget, Mike‘s blunt lyrics seem more forward when paired with his contemporary sound. Despite the negative relationship where the track derives from, “Don’t Want You Back (wtf)” still masterfully ends up as a delightful pop song with an antagonist message lying just underneath. We think we may have officially fallen into the Mike Ruby camp.

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