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Rising Star Kastra Joins the Protocol Line-Up With Progressive House Single “Make You Stay”

With Protocol still riding high after their Protocol Labs announcement, more and more rising stars are joining the label’s ranks. On our latest visit over to Protocol we are checking out “Make You Stay”, the latest single from Kastra and Dave Crusher. Created by Nicky Romero back in 2012, Protocol Recordings has been a pivotal playmaker in this modern age of progressive house music. If you weren’t aware, Protocol has a pretty superb line-up including the likes of Thomas GoldDeniz KoyuTeamworxFuturistic Polar BearsTrilaneMarcus SantoroStadiumxTim van WerdTimmo HendriksMarc Benjamin and Nicky Romero himself, to name a few. Being the latest rising star to enlist in Protocol’s ranks, Kastra has also released many singles on Spinnin’ RecordsArmada MusicMusical FreedomUltra RecordsEnhanced Music, and Onelove. Kastra caught the attention of tastemakers back in 2019 with their first Top 10 Billboard single “U & Me”, thus launching Kastra’s career forward.

Even though you can be a rising star and catch the attention of your peers, once you reach the professional level more often than not you will surround yourself with other talents who match your energy. We already see this with Kastra, who recruited fellow Italian producer Dave Crusher and singer LYNNE to create the final touches.  As a result, “Make You Stay” evolved beyond just another progressive house single into an upbeat underground gem with melodies to completely swoon over. LYNNE’s vocal performance serves as the cherry on top, providing us with a fully emotive hook and melody that keeps us vibing with the rest of the track, instead of being distracted by vocal chops and its ilk. “Make You Stay” is a strong addition to the Protocol catalog, and also put Kastra’s skillset on display for the audience to see if he belongs with Protocol.

Make sure you check out “Make You Stay” on YouTube below and over on Spotify!

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