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Bass Music Producer LUZCID Takes Freeform Bass To New Level In New “Illusions PT. 1” EP

Even though you firmly cement yourself into one specific genre, you can’t let those confines hold you back. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out Illusions Pt. 1 EP, the latest drop from LUZCID. In order to be a standout producer in the bass music world, you need to know a thing or two about sound design and building out a truly amazing world through music. Though he’s been implanted into the bass music scene for quite some time, LUZCID is still introducing new listeners to the atmospheric worlds he creates. Not afraid to expand upon the boundaries he set up for himself, LUZCID weaves in and out of traditional genres with such ease that his mere approach is mystifying. With a number of major headlining shows under his belt already, LUZCID makes it a part of his core mission to travel all across the country and spread his music far and wide. While most of LUZCID’s catalog is his music standing firm on its own, he is definitely a producer that you have to catch during one of his eclectic live shows to fully be indoctrinated.

For the Illusions EP I wanted to get back to my roots musically. I started this EP by first making a playlist of all of the songs that initially got me interested in being a producer. A lot of the classics from 2009-2012 fueled the creativity for “Illusions.” The concept of Illusions came from the idea that depending on how you consume art you may perceive it entirely different from someone else, much like looking at optical illusions. This gave me the idea to incorporate auditory illusions into this two part EP. I think this EP is full of songs that satisfy several different ‘purposes’ for why we listen to music. Whether it is to get pumped up or to chill out or to get completely lost in thought I believe ‘ILLUSIONS’ has something for everyone. Additionally we are bringing ILLUSIONS on the road in a full US tour! I am working with my buddy DATABYTE to bring a special new visual experience that will bring the music from the LUZCID project alive like never before. If you are a fan of the story / psychedelic journey side of dance music this tour was made for you! I have been working on this project for over a year and am beyond proud to finally present it to you all! I hope you enjoy ‘ILLUSIONS.’ – LUZCID

Throughout 2022 we’ve dove deep into the work of quite a few different bass music producers, and while we fall for plenty of them…we have a sneaking suspicion the LUZCID might be in our playlists for a while. The latest major drop from LUZCID in 2022, this Illusions Pt. 1 EP is a rounded-out serving of many of the current facets of LUZCID’s bass music style. The EP showcases how he diversifies his sound, from the pop-influenced “Heartbreak” to the Wakaan beat-focused mainstay “Goodbye”. Even though each track throughout Illusions Pt. 1 sounds different, LUZCID is still able to hold his own and stay within his foundation of freeform bass while still showcasing just a few journeys that freeform bass can take you on. While Illusions Pt. 1  won us over completely with LUZCID’s psychedelic interpretation of bass music, we have to remember that his is only Part 1. With Part 2 already in the works as he prepares for his 2023 tour, we plead with you to go catch LUZCID live and experience all of his bass yourself.


Want to catch Luzcid on tour? Check below for a tour date near you!

Illusions Tour Dates

  • 1/26 – Jacksonville, FL – Myth Nightclub
  • 1/27 – Fort Walton, FL – Vibe Nightclub
  • 1/28 – New Orleans, LA – Republic NOLA
  • 2/17 – Boston, MA – Middle East (Downstairs)
  • 2/18 – Atlanta, GA – Believe Music Hall
  • 2/23 – Bellingham, WA – Wild Buffalo
  • 2/24 – Fort Collins, CO – The Aggie
  • 2/25 – Boulder, CO – Fox Theatre
  • 2/28 – Las Vegas, NV – NFBN at Discopussy
  • 3/3 – Richmond, VA – Canal Club
  • 3/4 – Washington, DC – Union Stage
  • 3/9 – Boise, ID – Club Karma
  • 3/10 – Seattle, WA – Q Nightclub
  • 3/11 – Vancouver, BC – Red Room
  • 3/17 – Tampa, FL – Ritz YBOR
  • 3/23- Reno, NV – Bluebird
  • 3/25 – Kansas City, MO – Encore
  • 3/26 – Omaha NE – Reverb
  • 3/30 – St. Louis, MO – Old Rock House
  • 3/31- Minneapolis, MN – Loft at Skyway
  • 4/1 – Milwaukee, WI – Miramar Theatre
  • 4/14 – Chicago, IL – Sound Bar
  • 4/15 – Rochester, NY – Photo City Music Hall
  • 4/22 – Tempe, AZ – Darkstar
  • 4/29 – Denver, CO – Meow Wolf

Make sure you check out Illusions PT 1 EP on Spotify below and on your favorite streaming platform!

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