“Swampy” Producer Toadface Releases Music For Earthlings in “From The Earth” EP on Wakaan!

There aren’t many producers out there in the void that we’d call “swampy”, but today’s artist feels like he’d fit the label. On our latest visit over to Wakaan we are checking out From The Earth, the latest drop from Toadface. Conceived by Ohio native Todd Holler, Toadface has been injecting his swampy and grimy sound out into the ether since 2015. After dropping out of college to dive into the music world full-time, Toadface quickly caught the attention of bass music fans for his signature approach to sound design, thus carving out his own niche within the electronic ether he calls home. Toadface has been pedal to the medal since his first tour back in 2017, with his mega-hit Bugs For Breakfast EP  released on Liquid Stranger’s Wakaan back in 2019. He launched on his own tour later that year, capturing the attention with his underground sound and proving that his niche is one that can thrive in the light…not just in the dark and grime.

“Toadface’s From The Earth EP is a collection of tracks written on earth for earthlings. Listeners are advised to wear a life jacket during the playback experience as the moisture generated by the music could create the potential risk of drowning” – Toadface

The more we dive into the ever-evolving world of bass music, the more we uncover artists that simply have this odd allure around them that drags us further into the muck. We can confidently add Toadface to the list, as his signature approach to making grimy bass music has us weirdly enraptured by the enigma that is his style. You can experience this sound right out of the gate with From The Earth’s opening track “Wurm Slurm”, which showcases Toadface’s combination of trap, dubstep, and atmospheric percussive elements that creates a truly “swampy” audible experience. Ever perplexed by this sound, we only succumb more to this feeling the more we explore From The Earth…further wading into Toadface’s experimental bass swamp. We might need a life jacket if we go any further into this one y’all.

Make sure you check out From The Earth on Spotify below or over on your favorite streaming platform!

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