Nashville Rockers Goldpark Capture the Sorrow and Good Vibes of Classic Christmas Staple “Last Christmas”

If you have the gall to cover one of our favorite Christmas songs of all time…you have our attention. On our latest dive into the indie rock world we are checking out “Last Christmas”, the latest drop from Goldpark. Created by Nashville-based musicians Wes Hunter (vocals), Andrew Smith (guitar) and Kyle Neblett (drums), Goldpark is a relatively new trio that has been making waves in the indie world. After releasing their debut EP Goldpark One back in August 2021, Goldpark has been extremely busy over the last year with a mix of solo shows, support gigs, and festival slots all throughout their US tour. With “Covered in Sunshine” being Goldpark’s second single off of their sophomore EP, the band is ready to fully release their arena rock sound to the masses, especially those eager to listen.

 “‘Last Christmas’ was one of the first songs that came to our minds when thinking about Christmas songs that we would like to cover,” the band says. “It strikes this interesting balance of being warm and bringing a smile to your face while also giving you a sense of sorrow. Those two things together tend to make a great Christmas song.”- Goldpark

We will be perfectly honest…Goldpark is not a band that we would expect a Christmas cover from, let alone covering Wham! of all things. Are we disappointed? Hell no, no way, we couldn’t be honestly more thrilled if this beautiful surprise. While we are definitely a bit biased because “Last Christmas” is our personal favorite Christmas song (see You Know The Drill episode out soon!), Goldpark is able to harness the warm feelings brought on by the track without the addition of George Michael. Goldpark finds just the right line to toe to capture not only the good Christmas vibes and the sorrow that exists within the original track, yet somehow is often forgotten. With 2022 being a monumental year  for Goldpark, we can’t wait to continue following their journey in 2023 and for them to become a permanent staple in our indie rock rotation.

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