Utah Four Piece Rockers The Robot’s Guide to Living Tease Upcoming Album W/ “Goodbye, Goodnight”

When you decide to start your band in a genre as open-ended as rock music, you have many different paths ahead of you. On our latest peek into the independent music world we are checking out “Goodbye, Goodnight”, the latest single from The Robot’s Guide to Living. Hailing from southern Utah, Robot’s Guide originally formed as a duo back in 2007 and experienced major changes in the world of rock music. The duo released multiple records and toured regularly across the United States, receiving moderate success as they evolved their sound. Robot’s Guide ended up calling it quits in 2012, until new life was breathed into the band in 2018 as they re-formed as a four-piece band. Now a multi-generational collective of rock music lovers, Robot’s Guide is well into the production of their 2nd album and ready to bring on a new wave of punk rock.

While sometimes we feel that punk rock music has already passed its prime, bands like The Robot’s Guide to Living show us that this subgenre is timeless. The latest single to come from the Robot’s Guide camp, “Goodbye, Goodnight” is a fundamental punk rock banger that gives us our second taste of the band’s upcoming second album. The track is filled with punk rock angst while borrowing rhythmic elements from our friends across the ocean to take the project another level deeper. The key thing to remember about “Goodbye, Goodnight” and Robot’s Guide as a whole, is that they don’t take punk music seriously…keeping the atmosphere fun and enjoyable rather than using their stage to make a statement. There is a time and place.  If you need a fresh 2021 look at punk music, The Robot’s Guide to Living is worth adding to your rotation.

Make sure you check out “Goodbye, Goodnight” on Spotify below!

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