Enigmatic DJ Tripp St. Releases Hour-Long Mix of Unreleased Music “Who is Tripp St.”

More often than not, when you spend so much time in the studio you are going to leave full projects unreleased, left on the cutting room floor. On our latest dive into the bass music world we are checking out “Who Is Tripp St.”, a brand new mix from Tripp St. Simply appearing out of nowhere and immediately connecting with their music, Tripp St. has been making waves in the modern bass community since their debut only a short while ago. While the anonymous Tripp St. may appear as a relative newcomer on paper, the unknown DJ behind the project has multiple years of experience as an audio engineer, producing hip hop music and studio engineering. In the short amount of time Tripp St. has been kicking around, they’ve already released a debut and sophomore LP, as well as numerous mixes that not only showcase their love of all genres under the bass music umbrella but also builds on the story of “Who is Tripp St.“? We mean, they’ve already worked with CloZee, with Tripp St.’s debut LP kicking off the launch of CloZee’s imprint Odyssey. Oh and did we forget to mention a national tour is underway?

 “This mix represents my journey over the past year. Releasing my first two LPs and playing my first shows and festivals has been such an incredible experience. Traveling all over the country touring with an amazing group of people, playing big stages, and meeting fans for the first time has left me with so much inspiration. This mix is me letting all of those feelings out.” – Tripp St.

When we fragment out the term “bass music” and its various facets, we are somewhat able to toss what we currently consider bass music into a few different camps. However, when we try to place Tripp St. and Who Is Tripp St., we find ourselves struggling heavily to put the project into any one of these categories. While Who Is Tripp St. consists of an hour-long session of unreleased music, we still can’t help but be lost in the grandiose nature of the mix.  From soulful-funk beats to classical arrangements and plenty of glitchy bass as a complimentary snack, Who Is Tripp St. feels like a distorted ecosystem, with each layer of beats peeling back another layer to the soundscape.  The Tripp St. monikor might be fresh on the scene, but Tripp St. could easily be the next major player in the modern bass scene.

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