Raven King Revives Grunge With A New Coat of Pain In Sophomore Album “Veni Vedi Verti”

With the musical landscape being so open and diverse, it is about time we see the resurgence of genres thought to be locked in another time. On our latest dive into the world of rock we are checking out Veni Vedi Verti, the newest album from rock duo Raven King. Consisting of talented musicians Gerrit Curti and Will Boisseau, this Rhode Island duo originally wandered onto the scene with their self-titled debut album back in 2017. Catching the initial wave of indie-rock bringing classic styles back into the new age, Raven King has snagged attention from the likes of Huffington Post, Alternative Nation, and No Depression to name a few, thus sparking momentum for their sound. Now ready to launch themselves even further up the alternative scene, Raven King is back to showcase their expanded horizons and more experimental approach in their new album Veni Vedi Verti. 

With the more recent trend of the likes of grunge finding a new wind and thriving in the indie scene, we’ve been wondering where our modern grunge rockers were going to crop up. In Rhode Island, of all places! While this is our first introduction to Raven King and their sound, it is clear that Veni Vedi Verti essentially marks as a second debut for a duo whose sound has grown so much in the last five years. Taking a more experimental approach to grunge music, Raven King uses their music to help build a visual landscape inside your imagination, allowing their singles like “The Great Divide” to serve as the soundtrack to your adventure. While the track may sound gloomy at first, Veni Vedi Verti pairs the almost somber instrumentals of grunge with intriguing lyrics that allows the listener to weave together the end result themselves. It has definitely been a minute since we’ve had quality grunge music in the alternative scene, and we’re excited to see Raven King soar on ahead. Godspeed, gentlemen.

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Photo By: David Lee Black
Photo By: David Lee Black

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