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LA Indie Trio ASHRR Debuts New Dreamy Space Disco Rock Sound in New Single “Bad Reasons”

If you have the chance to take a step away from your original sound and explore a new avenue, jump and take the chance. On our latest peek into the indie world we are checking out “Bad Reasons”, the latest single from the band ASHRR. This LA-based indie trio had an interesting beginning, as all three members originally joined forces as pure audiophiles making music in Nashville. With plenty of influences in almost every genre at their disposal, ASHRR’s eyes met in the middle ground and created their first single “Medicine Man”. Their debut EP Oscillator quickly followed, officially planting ASHRR as an interesting force to be reckoned with in the LA indie scene. Since then the trio has released a handful of singles and larger projects, even getting the attention of LA’s NPR affiliate KCRW, who has been keeping them in heavy rotation.

“Our process is an alchemy of back and forth musical conversations. It’s not Machiavellian by design or chaotic… it’s a life form of its own and keeps evolving; we love where it’s taking us.” – ASHRR

While this might be the first time ASHRR has popped into our rotation/inbox, we can definitely hop on board with this newer sound that the band is trying out. While they still capture the obvious 80s synth influence within their original sound, this style exudes modern groove and psy-rock…creating an interesting level of added seduction. “Bad Reasons” is insanely relatable, as the track explores the questions/action that exist in the grey area between being right and wrong (especially when you know better). While all three members of ASHRR are musical auteurs with their own musical styles, the amalgamation that is groovy space disco as a result definitely has us on board for the next stage in ASHRR’s career. We are excited to see where the trio goes from here, and we expect a new project featuring this sound on the horizon for release sometime this year.

Make sure you check out “Bad Reasons” on Spotify below or over on YouTube!

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