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Ravenscoon & Noise Pollution Get Aggressive in New Intense Dubstep Single “Speakaz”

We’ve stuck and existed in the world music/surreal side of bass music enough, it’s time we moved back into the world of wub. On our latest visit to Wakaan we are checking out “Speakaz”, a brand new drop from Ravenscoon and Noise Pollution. Born in Georgia but now based in San Francisco, CA, Paul Conversano’s love of electronic music continues to flourish with whatever genre he happens to dive into that day. While he has become known for combining elements of hip-hop, punk rock, and death metal through the medium of experimental bass, no genre stone goes unturned once Ravenscoon steps into the booth. While this unique blend can be found in his original works, his highly popular mixtape series allows him to flow in and out of genres with ease. Already making a statement this early on in his career, Ravenscoon has no plans of slowing down and we take the industry by force.

“Personally, I feel very proud of this song – which we designed to open sets with. When you try to come up with a massive intro song you have to make sure that there is something that sets the tone and expectation of what is to come, and it must be followed by a chorus that pays it off. With Speakaz, we have both of those elements – ensuring that this will be a mainstay in Ravenscoon sets to come.” – Ravenscoon

Ravenscoon is one of those producers that we truly never have a clear idea of what we are getting once we press play on one of his tracks. “Speakaz”, the latest addition to his catalog, is a perfect example of this, as the track opens with reverberating synths that stab us as we listen, but builds into an aggressive in your face wub banger. The track is essentially a homage to the core facets of dubstep, but with both Ravenscoon and Noise Pollution on the gas pedal the track almost dabbles into drum’n’bass territory. With this collaboration being Noise Pollution’s first official drop in almost a year, you know that “Speakaz” is primed for only the best of sound systems. If you aren’t primed and ready for the aggressive insanity that is “Speakaz”, you might need to take a step back and make room.

Make sure you check out “Speakaz” on Spotify below or on your favorite streaming platform!

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