Different Stage Releases 3-Track “Chemicals” EP With High-Energy Progressive House Influence on CONTROVERSIA

Even though we’ve had a taste of their sound before, it hits completely differently once we’re on their stage. On our latest visit over to CONTROVERSIA we are checking out Chemicals, the debut EP of Different Stage. Different Stage is the project name of Vinícius da Luz, a Brazilian DJ and producer from the State of Roraima. His music combines elements of progressive house, techno, and tech house, creating a unique sound. He has released on labels such as Spinnin’ Records, STMPD RCRDS, Armada Music, and Controversia, and has gained support from artists like Tiësto, Alesso, and Nicky Romero. One of his popular tracks is “One Night” with Dubdogz and Pontifexx, with over 1.6 million plays.

The EP presents a sound that is somewhat different from my usual style, which is melodic house and progressive house, but intentionally. I seek to bring a little new elements and show a little of my versatility in productions, which means that I’m always open to musical evolution or change.” – Different Stage

Brazilian producer Different Stage has made a triumphant return to CONTROVERSIA with his debut 3-track EP, “Chemicals.” In this release, he explores a new and captivating style within the progressive house genre. The title track, “Chemicals,” kicks off the EP with a bouncy, driving house beat complemented by groovy and hypnotic melodies, creating an energetic and dancefloor-ready record. “Nova” takes a slightly more downtempo approach, blending dark and euphonious melodies with an undulating bassline, crafting an emotionally charged and immersive atmosphere. The EP reaches its apex with “Higher,” a collaboration with Luccas Deo, offering a frenzied and cohesive mix of distorted vocal riffs, hypnotic toplines, and driving beats that promise to be a club hit. “Chemicals” showcases Different Stage’s versatility and creativity in the world of electronic music.

Overall, Different Stage’s “Chemicals” EP is a testament to his exceptional talent for crafting diverse and electrifying music, taking listeners on a sonic journey that both energizes and enchants. It marks an exciting milestone in his career and is a must-listen for electronic music enthusiasts seeking innovative and exhilarating sounds in the realm of house music.

Make sure you check out Chemicals EP on Spotify below!

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Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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