Singapore-Based Producer MYRNE Drops “Forbidden Lovers”, New Single About Separated Loves

We don’t travel to Asia often, but when we do…we are always surprised. This week we are heading on over to Ultra Recordfor “Forbidden Lovers”, the brand new single from producer MYRNE. Debuting on the electronic scene in Singapore back in 2015, MYRNE used his debut “Softsins” EP to become the first Asian artist on the Mad Decent imprint. MYRNE takes an interesting approach to the electronic indie style, deriving plenty from his training as a classical musician. Over the following years, this producer has made his mark through multiple other projects with longtime collaborators. MYRNE hits it out of the bark with his live performances, entertaining thousands over various live tours throughout Asia and the United States.

With ‘Forbidden Lovers,’ I wanted to write about the physical and societal bonds that keep people apart. Some people can’t be with each other because of distance; for some, backward laws keep love forbidden. The idea for the song came to me in a hotel room while on tour, where I was separated from my partner for long periods. The two skies in the artwork are pictures we both sent to each other, of Singapore and Los Angeles.” – MYRNE

While you may be lucky enough right now to be stuck in your homes with your loved ones, there are many out there that can’t enjoy that simple luxury. Written while MYRNE was away from his partner while he toured the US, “Forbidden Lovers” tells a fragile story about a reality that many have become to know all too well. Through the use of soft instrumentals and melodic nature sounds, MYRNE crafts a beautiful yet surreal soundscape that seems too eerily good to be true. Filled to the brim with overwhelming emotions and a dreamy atmosphere, “Forbidden Lovers” drops us off in familiar territory and expects us to experience the track in our own way. The track is the first single off of MYRNE’s upcoming EP, so be ready for the full drop soon!

Make sure you check out “Forbidden Lovers” on Spotify below!

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